Red Rum Club-The Hollow of Humdrum

Red Rum Club-The Hollow of Rumdrum 2 October 2020 Modern Sky UK lp,download,cd Produced by Chris Taylor who has worked with the likes of upcoming band the lathums I ain’t heard them yet only know their name from seeing their last single sleeve. Plus cabbage i love a single of theirs I forget the name […]

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Digital download only Self-released       2020-07-20 1. Contender 04:59         2. Balancing Act 02:34    3. Cut Me Open 03:42   4. Passing Torture 04:19               5.3 Charred Hats 02:58  6. Karoshi 01:42 7. Blatant Lie 02:57          8. Shoreline 02:21           9. Plunge 03:24 10. Keep in Touch 04:26 11. Dead Hearts 04:20   12. Sorry Son 02:28         13. like Tiananmen 03:46              […]


Don’t falter

Don’t falter featuring city yelps and surf muscle It’s a Saturday afternoon feeling totally wiped out i decided to have a cat nap feeling mentally low and run down. I awoke at 5pm had emails to send etc. and got a message from city yelps saying they are on at six pm at Hyde park […]

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Menswear-Hay Tiempol

MENSWEAR-HAY TIEMPO originak relase date 14th october 1998 polydor records vinyl release 30th october 2020 demon records 180g heavyweight clear vinyl NO download with LP 39 minutes 4.30 am awaking half asleep unsettled by the chill of both early dawn and the room a jumper and hoodie plus two quilts are still inefficient .my back […]

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Planet Battagon-Trans-Neptunia

Word of warning This album is nearly sold out as i write this buy it from their band camp direct a choice you won’t regret. Planet Battagon-Trans-Neptunia 23rd October 2020 on the corner records vinyl lp and digital only Side A 1 Ixion 2 Race to Weynot 3 Styx 4 Haumea Side B 1 Wezlee’s […]

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Keeley Forsyth-Photograph E.p

20th November 2020 limited edition 12 inch and download only Side a Photograph Unraveling Side b Glass Stab Leaf records Friday was the best day experienced in a long time a sense of achievement fulfillment,belonging something unfelt for some time.Well its being back to battling the usual things the cold temperature at night my mental […]

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1)keeley forsyth-debris 2)hania rani-home 3)aa williams-forever blue 4) cecil-fathom time 5)Santa sprees–sum total of insolent blank 6)Asher Gamedez-Dialectic Soul 7)Black market Brass-Undying thirst 8)craven faults-erratics and unconformities 9)Swamp Meat Family-Muck 10)permission-Organised people suffer 11)Gaudi-100 years of the theremin the dub chapter 12)Agile experiments-Alive in the empire 13)Sex Swing-type 2 14)Graham Dunning Colin Webster-terrain 15)twin sister-twin […]

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Jenny Beth

Cd, lp, download Released 12 Jun 2020 Caroline records Track listing I am Innocence Flower We will sin together A place above Im the man The rooms Heroine How could you French countryside Human A thought has being lingering in my mind we are only equal when we are dead and our time is short […]

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